Getting Started

This plug-in is available to anyone who uses the Comeet recruiting platform and wants to showcase their career opportunities on a WordPress site.

Plugin on GitHub


This plugin is provided as-is. We do not provide support for its installation on individual websites. We invite you to post feature requests and report problems on the plug-in’s page on GitHub.

Prerequisites & Installation

The Plug-in can be found here.


  • You should have your Comeet company identifiers (UID and Token).
  • You should have permalinks enabled in your WordPress website.
  • Your hosting server should have php cURL installed and activated.


  1. Download the the Comeet plugin and upload to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  2. In WordPress, activate the plugin through the "Plugins" menu.
  3. Visit the Comeet settings page, enter the required information and select or create a careers home page. If you are using an existing page please add the shortcode [comeet_data] to the page content. If you are creating the new page via the plugin, we already have you covered.
  4. Visit Careers Page.