The Recruiting API allows an external tool to retrieve a list of positions, add candidates to these positions and retrieve the recruiting status of the added candidates.

We are looking forward to seeing what you will build using the Comeet Recruiting API!


Endpoints update - July 2021

Please note that the Recruiting API endpoints have been changed. The previous version of the API endpoints will continue to be supported.

Intended Audience

1. Providers of recruiting tools

Providers of recruiting tools that help companies find matching candidates can offer their service to Comeet users through this API. If you are interested in becoming a partner please contact us by following the instructions below.

2. Comeet customers

Comeet users who wish to use this API's capabilities can create a custom Sourcing App. To do so, please contact your Dedicated Customer Success Manager (available to customers with the Enterprise plan).

Getting Access - Become a Partner

  1. Submit the Become a Partner Form. You will be requested to submit the following information:
  • Your contact details - name, email, role and company name
  • Your app - name, description, logo and website URL
  • Promotion - You may want to offer a promotion to Comeet customers to grab their attention as a new app to the Comeet platform. If you do, we'll make it visible to recruiters using Comeet. Explain the offering and, optionally, add a URL for a page that allows users to take advantage of the promotion.
  • Activation page - You can make activation easier for Comeet users by creating an activation page for them. Instead of asking users to copy and paste the API Key, users will click on an "Activate" button in Comeet to open the URL of your page. This URL will include the API Key. Please visit the API's reference for more details.
  • API Terms of Use - By using this API, you agree to the Comeet API Terms of Use.
  1. Once the submission is approved, we will send you your secret and invite you to your Sandbox account. Sign up to your Sandbox account and retrieve the API Key for that account from the Job Boards & Apps setting page.

  2. Develop the integration. When ready, send us a short video that demonstrates the integration including all the steps described in the Example Scenario below.

  3. We'll review the submitted video. Once approved, we'll provide you the secret to the production environment to be used with

Example Scenario

  1. Set up the integration - this is a one-time step:

    1. A Comeet user with an Admin role will find your service on our Sourcing Apps page and click Integrate.
    2. The user selects the positions that will be shared through the API.
    3. If you provided activation url then the user clicks the Activate button which opens the url you provided. The request will include the api-key of the Comeet account and the Signature that allows you to verify that the request was made by Comeet. Alternatively, if you don't provide the activation url the user will click on Copy Key and will manually input the API Key in your app (ie. by pasting in the product or sending to a support rep).


The provided access is at the level of the account (the company) in Comeet. It is not possible to provide access on the user's level.

  1. Request to retrieve the list of positions.

  2. Add candidate to a position.

  3. Retrieve candidate status.

This request can be executed periodically to update the candidate's status as long as the candidate is still under consideration.

Timestamp Format

Comeet works with timestamps as strings using the format: YYYY-MM-DDTHH:mm:ssZ.