Customization Options

Create a thank you page

After candidates apply they see a simple "thank you" message. You can create your own thank you page:

  1. Create a page in WordPress with your thank you message
  2. In WordPress, navigate to: Settings > Comeet. For the Thank you page setting select the page that you would like to use.
  3. Click Save.

Create custom content for each location or department

Follow these steps if you wish to create different content for the pages of the locations or departments:

  1. Create a page for each location or department and add your content. These pages should be accessible from another page or menu, typically the main careers page. Make sure that these are top-level pages (without any parent).

  2. In each page add the following shortcode where the list of positions should be rendered on the page. The "name" attribute would be the name of the location or department exactly as it appears on Comeet.

    For a location called "Los Angeles" the shortcode would be:
    [comeet_page name="Los Angeles"]
    For a department called "Marketing" the shortcode would be:
    [comeet_page name="Marketing"]

Customize the pages of the website

By default the plugin renders the careers pages using the default template page of the website. This way the header, footer and other common components are consistent in all pages.

If you wish to use custom templates with a different structure or design then follow these steps:

  1. Visit the plugin settings from within WordPress.
  2. Under Advanced, specify the names of the template files the plugin should use. These template files should be available in the folder of the theme that the website uses.
  3. Click Save

Filter positions by Brand

If you wish to filter the positions that appear on the site to show only positions for a specific Sub-brand of your company, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the plugin settings from within WordPress.
  2. Under "Sub-brand" , select the appropriate sub-brand field (the custom position category that indicated the brand of each position) and then select the sub-brand that you want displayed.
  3. Click Save

Customize the plug-in

If you wish to customize the structure of the content of the positions list or the position page, beyond styling using CSS, then you can customize the templates of the plug-in. To do that follow these steps:

  1. Create a folder named "comeet" in the folder of your parent or child theme.
  2. From the folder "templates" in the plug-in, copy the templates that you wish to customize to the new folder you created.
  3. Change the copy of the templates as needed.

Customize the widgets

You can customize the Application Form Widget and the Social Widget to change their layout, design, define which fields are shown and which are required, and more. To customize the widgets edit the file located at js/comeet.js and add additional configuration options as needed to the comeet_init object (defined in the beginning of the file). See the available configuration options on the corresponding pages of the widgets.