Best Practices

Sharing on social media

Render your careers pages on the server side to support proper sharing on social networks and include the social meta tags.

The careers website is an opportunity to allow users and employees to share the company’s positions on social networks such as Facebook and LinkedIn. To maximize sharing, include meta tags in your html that include the position name, description and other information that should be available in the post. To enable social networks to read tags properly, the pages should be rendered on the server side—not on the client side.

See the list of meta tags suggested by Facebook – Facebook’s Content Sharing Best Practices.

Closed positions

When building your careers website, keep in mind that applicants may click a link to a position that has been closed. This not-uncommon situation requires proper handling of URLs of unknown positions (closed positions will no longer appear in the positions list), usually by redirecting the visitors to the positions list.

Remote jobs

The position property location.is_remote indicates whether a position is defined as a Work From Home position in Comeet.