Getting Started: Comeet Customers

This guide is for Comeet customers who wish to build a custom integration using the Recruiting API. Access to the Recruiting API is included as part of Comeet's Enterprise plan. The steps below explain the process of creating a new integration with Comeet.

  1. Please submit this form to request access to the API.

  2. Contact Comeet's support. We will send you your secret and invite you to your Sandbox account (if a sandbox account is needed).

  3. Sign up to your Sandbox account and retrieve the API Key from the Integrations page (requires an Admin or Owner role). For more information on how to activate the integration in Comeet please see this guide.

  4. Develop the integration. If the integration was built in a sandbox account, please let us know when the integration is ready and we will set the integration live for your production account.


Looking to sync your BI tool with Comeet?

Comeet offers several ways to do that, check out the guide for connecting your BI tool.