Evaluation API Overview


Comeet enables recruiters to automate their recruiting processes by creating workflows comprised of recruiting steps or tasks. These steps are either handled in-house or by external recruiters or integrated recruiting tools.

The Evaluation API allows to integrate a recruiting tool as an automated step in the hiring workflow. The API can be used to integrate tools that assess candidates' fit for a position and other tools that are used as part of the hiring process.


Integrating with the Evaluation API requires supporting the following three requests. It is not possible to implement the API without supporting all three. Note that two requests are in the form of webhooks where Comeet makes a request to endpoints that you provide, while the third request is made from your system to Comeet's endpoint.

1. List all testsThird party endpoint (Webhook)Comeet makes a request to your endpoint to receive the list of tests that are available to the customer.
2. Submit a candidate for evaluationThird party endpoint (Webhook)Comeet makes a request to your endpoint to start an evaluation for a given candidate.
3. Submit an evaluationComeet endpointYour system makes a request to Comeet to submit the candidate's evaluation during, or at the end, of the process.


The "Retrieve an Evaluation" webhook has been deprecated. Please use the Submit an evaluation endpoint instead.

Example Scenario

  1. Set up the integration

    • A Comeet user with an Admin role will find your service on Comeet's Integrations page and click Integrate.
    • The user will click on Copy Key and will manually input the API Key in your app (ie. by pasting it in your app or sending it to a support rep).
  2. Set up the test step on the position workflow
    The recruiter will add a step to the workflow and define it as a step that uses your app. Then the user will select one of the tests that your app provides.

  3. Send test
    When a candidate reaches the test step, Comeet will initiate the request to submit the test for evaluation.

  4. Test is in progress
    Your app can update the status of the test while it is in progress. The status will be displayed on the candidate's workflow.

  5. Test is completed
    Your app will submit the complete evaluation and it will be added to the candidate's profile. Based on the provided outcome and the policy defined for the Evaluation app, Comeet will advance or reject the candidate or assign the Evaluation for review. See more details about these options here.

Deleting Candidate Data

Candidate data may be deleted or pseudonymized according to the company's data retention policy or following a request from a candidate. As part of your implementation of the Evaluation API, you must implement a mechanism to delete candidate data from your system when required. This is in accordance with Comeet's API Terms of Use.

To identify which candidate data to delete, use the GET deleted-candidates endpoint. Note that for evaluation integration, the proper endpoint to use in this case will be: https://api.comeet.co/evaluation/deleted-candidates.