Getting Started: Integration Partners

Providers of recruiting tools can offer their services to Comeet customers using this API. The steps below explain the process of integrating a third party product with Comeet. If you are interested in becoming a partner and integrating your product with Comeet, please contact us as explained below.

  1. Submit the Become a Partner Form. You will be requested to submit the following information:
  • Your contact details - name, email, role and company name
  • Your app - name, description, logo and website URL
  • Service type – One of the following: Candidate assessment, Video interviews, Background checks, Reference checks, Other.
  • Endpoints – For the two webhooks.
  • API Terms of Use - By using this API, you agree to the Comeet API Terms of Use.
  1. Once the submission is approved, your Comeet contact will send you your secret and invite you to your Sandbox account. Sign up to your Sandbox account and retrieve the API Key for that account from the integrations setting page.

  2. Develop the integration. When ready, send us a short video that demonstrates the integration including all the steps described in the Example Scenario. This video will be used for internal purposes only to educate our team about the value of the integration and how it works.

  3. We'll review the submitted video. Once approved, we will set the integration live and make it available to all of Comeet's customers.