Opening Schema

The opening object:

uidstringOpening UID
position_uidstringPosition UID
namestringOpening name
approval_process.uidstringApproval process UID
approval_process.namestringApproval process name
approval_process.time_startedtimestampOpening's approval process start time
approval_process.time_completedtimestampOpening's approval process approval time. Included if the process was approved
approval_process.statusstringOne of the following:
'NA' (in case the approval process was not sent for approval yet)
hired_candidate_uidstringHired candidate UID
time_expected_hiretimestampExpected hire date
headcountstringNumber of openings represented by this opening item.
For status of Open, Hired or Canceled - this value is always "1".
For status of Pending - this value can be between "1" to "10".
reasonstringOne of the following:
'Replacement hire'
'Temporary replacement'
statusstringOne of the following:
time_createdtimestampTime opening was created
time_last_status_changetimestampTime of the last change of the opening status
time_opentimestampOpening's open date. Use this time to calculate hiring metrics like time-to-fill
hired_candidate_time_appliedtimestampApplication time and date of hired candidate
hired_candidate_start_datetimestampStart date of the hired candidate
hired_candidate_hire_datetimestampHire date of the hired candidate
            "uid": "7A.258",
            "position_uid": "AD.F22",
            "name": "Opening 1",
            "approval_process": {
                "uid": "DF.A39",
                "name": "CEO Approval",
                "time_started": "2023-02-26T13:48:30Z",
                "time_completed": null,
                "status": "STARTED"
            "hired_candidate_uid": null,
            "time_expected_hire": "2022-09-11T00:00:00Z",
            "headcount": 1,
            "reason": "New",
            "status": "Pending",
            "time_created": "2022-07-13T15:47:10Z",
            "time_last_status_change": "2022-07-13T15:47:10Z",
            "time_opened": "2022-07-13T00:00:00Z",
            "time_updated": "2022-07-13T15:47:10Z",
 						"custom_fields": {},
						"hired candidate_time applied": null,
						"hired_candidate_start_date": "2018-02-14700:00:00z",
						"hired_candidate_hire_date": "2915-07-24T00:00:00z"