This help article is provided to explain how to use a cookies consent manager with Comeet's Careers API. This should not be used and/or considered as legal advice. You should contact your attorney to seek legal advice with respect to the use of cookies.

Comeet uses cookies to attribute candidates to the sources that referred them to the company's careers website, such as job boards and company employees who referred their friends (for more information about how source tracking works see this page). Applicable privacy, spam, marketing and/or cookie laws and regulations may require you to implement a consent mechanism in order to legally create cookies. If you wish to give website visitors the option to accept or reject cookies, you can use a consent manager tool (for example: Cookiebot and Termly).

What happens if a candidate doesn't accept the use of cookies?

When a candidate doesn't accept (or actively rejects) the use of cookies, it’s not always possible to attribute the candidate to the referring source.

  • The candidate will be attributed to the referring source only if they submit the application form immediately after clicking the link to the position page from the referring source, without browsing through other pages on the company's career website.
  • When the candidate does browse through pages on the company's career website before applying for a position, the source of the candidate in Comeet will be the domain of the company's career website (eg. "www.acme.com").


Types of cookies that can be rejected

Note that only cookies used for tracking the candidate's source – categorized as "Statistics cookies" – can be rejected by the candidate. Cookies categorized as "Essential / necessary" cannot be rejected. For more information and for the complete list of cookies see Cookie policy for website visitors.


Use the latest version of the embedding code

Before applying the consent manager, be sure to use the latest version of the embedding code provided here.