Employee Portal


Looking to build an employee portal?

To get started, head over to the Employee Portal Overview page for the complete guide.

Comeet's widgets can be embedded in an internal portal for employees. Use the parameters listed below to provide a great experience to employees browsing the open positions on your portal.

When the employee's name and email are provided, Comeet will not ask the employee to enter their information. If the employee details are not provided then the employee will be asked to provide their name and email.


Require email verification

You can require employees to verify the email address that they provide. To enable this option, navigate to Settings > Careers website and check the box for Enable employee email verification (requires an Admin or Owner role).

is-employeetrue or false. When true, the visitor is required to be identified as an employee.
If the employee-fullname and employee-email are not provided, a pop-up window will request their name and work email. Default is false
employee-fullnameProvide this parameter along with the employee-email so employees donโ€™t have to input their informationoptional
employee-emailProvide this parameter along with the employee-fullname so employees donโ€™t have to input their informationoptional