Careers API Overview

The Careers API is one of the integration options to sync a company's careers website with its Comeet account. Whether you need to create new career pages or connect existing pages, this integration option provides the most design flexibility.


The Careers API does not support Single Page Applications (SPAs).

To see more integration options, visit this page.

If at any time you have questions about using our Careers API, email us at [email protected].


Before starting, do the following:

  1. Set at least one position’s visibility to Published or Published (Restricted) so your web developer will have data to work with.
  2. Copy the company’s UID and Token from your Careers Website settings and send to your web developer. If you wish to implement your website with mock data, use these identifiers:
    • UID: E5.007
    • Token: 5E7236A0BCE5E7295111B55E70BCE
    • Company Name: Careers API Sandbox


Note: These steps can only be done by users with Owner, Admin, or IT Admin roles.


Track candidates sources

To support tracking of candidate sources add the embed code to the <head> section of all of the pages of your careers website. Learn more about how Comeet tracks candidates sources here.

Getting Started

To get started, you need your company’s details, including the company’s UID and the company’s Token. These details are included in every request to the server:

  • Company’s UID – used as part of the restful url.
  • Company’s Token – added as a query parameter called token to every request.


IP throttling

Note that the Careers API applies IP throttling when a large number of requests is made in a short period of time.

Sample Request