Handling Errors

The creation of a new employee in the talent management system is synchronous. In case of an error, the user will see an error message in Comeet and will not be able to change the candidate's status to Hired until the problem's resolution. Your application is expected to handle errors using the following guidelines:

  • When an error is returned, the new employee must not be created in your application

  • Use HTTP code of 4XX for bad requests, such as conflicts, missing data or a authorization problem

  • Show the users a clear message explaining the cause of the error and suggestions for resolving it. Include the message to the user in the display_message property as part of the response payload.

  • The response payload should include any additional information that would help a technical person investigate the problem. These details will be available to the user by clicking on "Technical details" in the error window in Comeet.

  //Message to the user
  "display_message": "Explain the problem and ways to resolve"

  //Additional details for a technical person go here

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