Retrieve a Position

Returns a Position.


Request path parameters:

company_uid-Company UID
position_uid-Position UID

Request query parameters:

tokenstringRequiredThis is the company Token that can be obtained from Comeet.
detailsBooleanOptionalDefault is false.
Set this parameter to true to get all the position details.{company_uid}/positions/{position_uid}?token={Company_token}&details=false


To receive the position's description fields, such as job description and requirements, set the details parameter to True. By default, these fields are not included in the response.

   "uid": "87.405",
   "name": "Account Executive, Austin",
   "department": "Sales",
   "email": "[email protected]",
   "workplace_type": "Remote",
   "url_comeet_hosted_page": "",
   "url_active_page": "",
   "employment_type": "Full-time",
   "experience_level": "Intermediate",
   "internal_use_custom_id": null,
   "picture_url": "",
   "time_updated": "2017-05-26T14:22:46Z",
   "company_name": "Company Name",
   "position_url": "",
   "location": {
      "name": "Austin, TX",
      "country": "US",
      "city": "Austin",
      "state": "TX",
      "postal_code": "",
      "street_name": "",
      "arrival_instructions": null,
      "street_number": "",
      "timezone": "America/Iqaluit"
   "categories": [{
      "name": "Territory",
      "value": "USA",
      "order": 1
   //... more category fields
   "details": [{
      "name": "Description",
      "value": "We are looking for ...",
      "order": 1
      "name": "Requirements",
      "value": "Candidates should have ...",
      "order": 2
   //... more detail fields