Read a list of deleted candidate UIDs.

Candidate data may be deleted or pseudonymized according to the company's data retention policy or following a request from a candidate. If you create an integration that retrieves candidate data from Comeet using either the Recruiting API or the Evaluation API, you must implement a mechanism to delete candidate data from your system. This is in accordance with Comeet's API Terms of Use.

This endpoint allows you to receive the UIDs of candidates that you are required to delete.



Note that for an integration with the Evaluation API the endpoint is

Request query parameters:

time_deleted:afterdate-timeOptionalReturn candidates for which the time of deletion is AFTER the provided time.

Example: time_deleted:after=2018-01-01T12:50:50Z
time_deleted:beforedate-timeOptionalReturn candidates for which the time of deletion is BEFORE the provided time.

Example: time_deleted:before=2018-01-01T12:50:50Z