This API is for Job Boards that wish to offer their sourcing platform to Comeet users. If you are interested please contact us at [email protected].

Comeet allows recruiters to automate their postings to job boards. For each job board, recruiters can choose whether to post all of their positions automatically or post positions selectively.

Getting Access - Become a Partner

If you are interested in partnering with Comeet, please contact us at [email protected] and tell us about your job board.

The integration process is as follows:

  1. Send us your logo and written summary describing your sourcing platform or channel:
    Summary – Write this for recruiters. Mention the geographies in which you operate. Highlight any noteworthy or unique characteristics of the job board. Please limit your summary to 120 characters.
    Logo – Please submit two versions of your logo:
    High-rez - Preferred format is .eps or a 300 DPI jpg. at approx. 400 X 400 px. with a transparent background.
    Medium-rez - Approx. 150 X 150 px. at 144 DPI .jpg.

  2. We will set up your job board on Comeet. As a Comeet Job Board partner, you will be provided with a URL to a dedicated feed for your Job Board, listing all of the positions to be published. We expect your system to read this feed and update the list of jobs periodically in intervals of up to 24 hours. Updating the feed means adding positions, updating positions information and removing positions that are no longer in the feed.

  3. When we see that positions are being published, updated and properly removed from the job board, we will set the integration live for all customers.