Position Updates Webhook

Webhook, returns a Position.


Comeet offers webhook functionality for position events, enabling partners to configure webhooks to receive direct notifications and data payloads for events such as position creation, update, and deletion. This feature facilitates the synchronization process, allowing for an efficient and automated update flow within external systems.

Configuring webhook

You are required to provide a secure endpoint to receive webhook notifications. To set up your endpoint URL, please contact [email protected].

Event notification

When a subscribed event occurs, our system will send an HTTP request to your configured endpoint with the position data. The Payload for all the events Includes the complete position model, similar to the response of "Retrieve a Position".

HTTP Methods for position events

  • Position Creation
    HTTP Method: POST
    When a new position is created, the webhook will send a POST request to the configured endpoint with the position's data.
  • Position Update
    HTTP Method: PUT
    Updates to an existing position result in a PUT request containing the updated position information.
  • Position Deletion
    HTTP Method: DELETE
    The deletion of a position triggers a DELETE request, which includes the unique identifier of the removed position to ensure the partner's system can process the change accordingly.


   "uid": "87.405",
   "name": "Account Executive, Austin",
   "department": "Sales",
   "email": "[email protected]",
   "workplace_type": "Remote",
   "url_comeet_hosted_page": "https://www.comeet.co/jobs/companyname/30.005/account-executive-austin/87.405",
   "url_active_page": "https://www.comeet.co/jobs/companyname/30.005/account-executive-austin/87.405",
   "employment_type": "Full-time",
   "experience_level": "Intermediate",
   "internal_use_custom_id": null,
   "picture_url": "https://comeet-euw-app.s3.amazonaws.com/53/b5ac4af700dfe6d749a862f7ba267f288f6cb575",
   "time_updated": "2017-05-26T14:22:46Z",
   "company_name": "Company Name",
   "position_url": "https://www.comeet.co/careers-api/2.0/company/30.005/positions/87.405?token=359F1DD13E1DD1DD1A813E6A6A",
   "location": {
      "name": "Austin, TX",
      "country": "US",
      "city": "Austin",
      "state": "TX",
      "postal_code": "",
      "street_name": "",
      "arrival_instructions": null,
      "street_number": "",
      "timezone": "America/Iqaluit"
   "categories": [{
      "name": "Territory",
      "value": "USA",
      "order": 1
   //... more category fields
   "details": [{
      "name": "Description",
      "value": "We are looking for ...",
      "order": 1
      "name": "Requirements",
      "value": "Candidates should have ...",
      "order": 2
   //... more detail fields