List All Positions

Retrieve the list of published positions of the company. Make sure there are a few published positions otherwise the returned data set will be empty.

Returns a list of Positions.




To receive the position's description fields, such as job description and requirements, set the details parameter to True. By default, these fields are not included in the response.

Request path parameters:

company_uidstringRequiredThis is the company UID that can be obtained from Comeet.

Request query parameters:

tokenstringRequiredThis is the company Token that can be obtained from Comeet.
detailsBooleanOptionalDefault is false.
Set this parameter to true to get all the position details.{company_uid}/positions?token={Company_token}&details=false


When making a request to get the list of positions, set the timeout limit to 60 seconds. This will ensure that the request doesn't fail in case it takes a few seconds to retrieve a large number of positions.


   "uid": "87.405",
   "name": "Account Executive, Austin",
   "department": "Sales",
   "workplace_type": "Remote",
   "email": "[email protected]",
   "location": {
      "name": "Austin, TX",
      "country": "US",
      "city": "Austin",
      "state": "TX",
      "postal_code": "",
      "street_name": "",
      "arrival_instructions": null,
      "street_number": "",
      "timezone": "America/Iqaluit"
   "url_comeet_hosted_page": "",
   "url_active_page": "",
   "employment_type": "Full-time",
   "experience_level": "Intermediate",
   "internal_use_custom_id": null,
   "picture_url": "",
   "time_updated": "2017-05-26T14:22:46Z",
   "company_name": "Company Name",
   "position_url": "",
   "categories": [{
      "name": "Territory",
      "value": "USA",
      "order": 1